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No kangaroos are hurt during
the making of our products.

“For over 30years, we have provided a wide range of specialty sewing services, with domestic and offshore production, to satisfy the expanding needs of our clients. Our product-design services, prototyping, manufacturing and distribution services are carefully tailored and managed to achieve high levels of quality, service, efficiency and loyalty. Let’s explore your special needs and our special services.”
- Steve Leiserson

The Complete Nailers System
Welcome to Kangaroo Products Inc, where we provide a wide range of specialty sewing services. Our extended capabilities allow us to make your product with less limitations and expensive subprocesses. You will find the types of products we have made and are capable of making range in complexity. The variety of materials we have available to our clients will meet your product's needs.

Kangaroo pledges to offer:

  • High quality specialty sewing
  • Top quality materials at low costs
  • Great customer support
  • Strong quality checks

Get a quote for your product and let Kangaroo start working with you to get your product manufactured!

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